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Shanghai, Stockholm, Paris, Singapore — it's only April, but 2018 has already taken us to some pretty unbelievable places. And, as you may have guessed, each one of those trips ended with us bringing home tons of new merch (or new to us at least) that we can't wait to share.

But we don't always have to travel to far-off places to score amazing finds — in fact, sometimes we barely even have to leave our zip code. Take our Vintage Thonet Chairs. We stumbled upon these beauties just outside of Chicago where, believe it or not, they had served for decades as dining hall seats in a now-closed convent. We're guessing the sisters didn't know what they had on their hands but, as seasoned treasure hunters, we immediately spotted them for the mid-century classics that they are.

For those who didn't give their lives to good design, these authentic Thonet dining chairs were crafted by the world's oldest surviving furniture company. Founded by a German cabinetmaker in the early 1800s, Thonet is remembered as the pioneer of the bentwood technique — a process that uses heat and moisture to mold solid wood into sculptural, streamlined shapes. Applying this method to 20th century trends, the brand mass-produced these iconic silhouettes, making sleek, clean-lined style accessible to every space — even the abbey.

Good fortune or divine intervention — call it whatever you'd like, but we were lucky enough to make off with more than a dining room set's worth of these seats. We gave them new life too, reupholstering them in sumptuous white hide (and we can only imagine what the nuns would say about that). With their streamlined forms and chic details, they're perfect for almost any decor, from a casual kitchen to a modern office to a contemporary dining room. It just goes to show that, sometimes, the best things are right under our noses.

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