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You know it when you see it. It's true for great art, too.

For our latest collection of vintage artwork, we spent days digging through the stalls of just about every single one of London's famed flea markets. What were we looking for? Okay, the truth is we had no idea. But what we found, after leafing through pages of antique books and stacks and stacks of original drawings, is a singular selection of one-of-a-kind artwork.

We fell in love with the hand sketches (hand drawn!) sold by an elegant man dressed in tweed. We bought an entire scrapbook of beautiful half-colored illustrations — some simple and some simply strange. The black and white portraits of Aristocrats — real life Dukes, Duchesses and Dowagers straight out of another era — are as intriguing as they are charming. We always love vintage targets for their pleasing geometry, but the haul we brought back from this trip are especially cool, with their chic design and fresh color combo.

Once home, we framed each piece using a variety of fine Italian mouldings, instantly giving any grouping that collected-over-time vibe. If you're starting from scratch, you just can't go wrong mixing up one or two of each to create a unique collection of your own. Or, if you're already bursting at the seams, these are special enough that you'll want to pick a favorite to add to your growing gallery wall.

And how do you know when you're done? You know that when you see it too, we suppose. But we tend to think every home has room for one more piece of art.

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