Toro Woven Bull Head

toro woven bull head
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Toro Woven Bull Head

We ♥ Spain.

Between the gorgeous scenery, the unbelievable food and, of course, the shopping, it’s quickly become one of our favorite spots to visit in the past few years.

And when we say shopping, we aren’t just talking antiques— although we do always come home with some pretty amazing finds in that department. But along with these more storied wares, we were happily surprised to discover some local modern makers who use age-old methods to create traditional crafts— like our Toro Woven Bull Head.

This charming wall art is handwoven from dried esparto grass— a hardy, rush-like perennial plant native to the Iberian Peninsula. One of Spain’s oldest trades, this sturdy fiber has been used for thousands of years to weave all kinds of functional household items, from baskets to floor mats— even shoes. Starting in the 1940s, makers shifted from the practical and began using this method to craft more decorative objects, including charmingly simple animal trophy heads of all species.

Inspired by these vintage originals, our Toro Woven Bull Head was crafted by a small enclave of makers that we discovered in the southern province of Jaén, who are committed to keeping their country’s customary crafts alive.

An iconic Spanish symbol, we had to have their classic bovine-inspired bust— that is, after a small tweak. Blame it on our bull-headed stubbornness, but we couldn’t get over the idea that it might be a bit more impactful if it were a little larger, so we commissioned the maker to create a slightly scaled-up version just for us.

The result is our kind of wall art, combining rustic texture, a little bit of history and the kind of wonderfully unique imperfections that only come from being handmade. Pick one up and bring a piece of old-world España to your walls.

  1. Toro Woven Bull Head
    Toro Woven Bull Head
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