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Slide Chair

The best things in life aren’t planned.

OK, maybe not all the best things— that could get stressful. But, for the most part, things usually go better when we follow our instincts instead of a strategy— especially when it comes to choosing our wares. We just know it when we see it, even if we aren’t sure what we’re looking for.

Take our Slide Chair. We loved it from the first moment we laid eyes on it, but we couldn’t even tell you why, to be honest. Retro-chic but with a global vibe, it was like nothing we’d seen before— and that doesn’t happen too often these days. We weren’t sure how it would fit in with the rest of our goods and or if anyone else would be as into it as we were, but we knew we had to have it.

Our kind of style mash-up, Slide is sleek and organic in shape with modern steel legs and (our favorite part) textural vintage hemp rug upholstery, complete with traditional hand-stitched geometric details here and there that make no two exactly alike. And it doesn’t just look good— it’s super comfortable, low-lying and perfectly pitched with a spacious seat that’s perfect for curling up in. Even better, it’s also responsibly made right here in America.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones who were instantly smitten with it. Slide quickly became one of our best sellers of 2018— we could barely keep it in stock from the moment it hit our sales floor. Always right at home but with a little bit of contrast, it’s the perfect fit for any space— no matter how you describe your style.

  1. Slide Chair
    Slide Chair
    $2,925 - $3,270
    $2,340 - $2,616
    custom options available
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