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Wandering the bustling souks in the heart of Marrakesh, it's easy to get lost among the maze of merchants, each with their own collection or specialty. On our trip to Morocco this spring, we saw countless examples of the finely hand-painted, intricately designed ceramics typical of the country's pottery. Pretty, but nothing that really stood out.

Then we happened upon these.

We were immediately drawn to the bold color and iconic shapes, so striking in their simplicity. Up close, they are packed with primitive texture, reflecting their handmade provenance, yet somehow they felt modern with their straightforward silhouettes and immersive emerald green glaze. So enamored were we that we commissioned a production run of our favorite pieces to ship back home.

We learned that our Mourad Ceramics are exclusively made in the village of Tamegroute in the Zagora region of Morocco, and that local artisans have been making this pottery since the 1500s. Historically, the clay is dug from local river banks, thrown by hand and fired in kilns built into steep slopes. Oxidized copper combined with magnesium produces the characteristic multi-hued glaze. Drips and layers of color are baked into each piece, adding to their singular good looks. We fell especially hard for the chic brass detailing on the small decorative tagine.

Pick up something for an area of your life that could use a little color. There’s a bowl, plate or platter sized for everything from paper clips to a generous citrus display. The candlesticks add a worldly vibe to a bookshelf or mantel. Use a vase as a wine holder for a festive dinner party? Why not.

Finding the right place for these special pieces is easy. If you're like us, the hard part is picking your favorites.

  1. Mourad Platters
    Mourad Platters

    Starting at $68.00

  2. Mourad Collection
    Mourad Collection

    Starting at $98.00

    $98 - $125
  3. Mourad Plate
    Mourad Plate
  4. Mourad Tagine
    Mourad Tagine
  5. Mourad Bowls
    Mourad Bowls

    Starting at $14.00

    $14 - $68
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