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It's festival season. Sailing weather. Beach o'clock. All of that.

And while all you really need to enjoy everything that summer has to offer is some time and SPF15, a cold beer wouldn't hurt. Whether you're boat-setting to Biarritz, glamping at Bonnaroo or just taking the Metra to Ravinia, why not elevate the everyday with one of our handsome Leather Covered Coolers? Handcrafted in Paraguay, the normally pedestrian Coleman is transformed into a thing of beauty, sheathed in top grain leather and finished with simple stitching. The coolers come in three sizes in your choice of natural or brown leather.

They say the two happiest days in a man's life are the day he buys his boat and the day he sells it. That would only be half right for the captain of our leather covered cooler. The upkeep is significantly easier – just add Champagne. A little saltwater, sunshine and stray Hawaiian Tropic will only add to their appeal over time. So sit back. Have a drink. It will be colder. Cooler. All of that.

  1. Brown Leather Coolers
    Brown Leather Coolers

    Starting at $385.00

    $385 - $1,495
  2. Natural Leather Coolers
    Natural Leather Coolers

    Starting at $385.00

    $385 - $1,495
  3. Leather Thermos with Handle
    Leather Thermos with Handle

    Starting at $160.00

  4. Leather Thermos
    Leather Thermos

    Starting at $120.00

    $120 - $195
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