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Once or twice, we have been accused of indulging in over-the-top gestures of beauty. We can't argue with that. After all, will a bicycle wrapped entirely in leather ride any faster? No, probably not. Do strawberries last longer in a chic bone china basket than the cardboard container you get from the grocer? We suppose not. And yet, substance meets style beautifully in our Tumbling Block Boards, one of our new very favorite things.

These boards are homegrown from beginning to end, handmade by American artisans using wood from domestically grown cherry, maple and walnut trees. Made solely from end grain wood, they’re not only perfect for serving but for chopping as well. While fibrous end grain wood isn’t necessarily ideal for your dinner table, it makes for the perfect cutting board — these fibers split apart to allow your knife to easily enter and then retract again once it’s removed. Translation: a long life for your blade and a chopping block that’s here to stay.

And besides all that, we just can’t take our eyes off of them. The iconic tumbling block pattern, used everywhere from ancient Greek tile patterns to the graphics of Escher, makes these boards feel like a work of art themselves, timeless yet of-the-moment all at once. So while this durable board is ideal for chopping in the kitchen, we think it’s too beautiful to hide away when all the prep is done. A handsome piece like this deserves to stay out for the main event alongside your best serveware. We’re picturing it paired with one of our brass spreaders and set out as a cheese board.

We have no problem with beauty just for the sake of beauty. In fact, you could say that’s sort of our thing. But we love when pretty can also be practical, and that’s definitely the case with our Tumbling Block Boards.

  1. Tumbling Block Boards
    Tumbling Block Boards

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