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Can we be honest? Sometimes we don't remember all of the stories behind our favorite finds. Once in awhile, boxes show up, everyone starts admiring the items in them and we look at each other thinking 'Where did we get that?' That's what happens when you spend two days in India here, a day in London there... (While we're at it, can we also be forgiven for forgetting the plots of last year's Best Picture nominees since we screened them all at 35,000 feet?) In this case, what arrived were some of the most drop-dead beautiful ikat pillows we have ever found – as far as we can remember anyway.

After some digging, turns out we stumbled upon them during a three-day sojourn to Singapore. We hand picked them from a man's vast collection, which he had brought there all the way from Turkey. Each of these is truly unique, so if you're shopping online, we'll send you photos of what's available so you can choose your very own. Since we're being honest, the truth is you only need one to make a big statement in any room. Or, if you're going for the world traveler look, pile them high and just tell everyone you can't remember where you got them.

  1. Ikat Pillows
    Ikat Pillows

    Starting at $120.00

    $120 - $150
  2. Ikat Velvet Pillows
    Ikat Velvet Pillows

    Starting at $150.00

    $150 - $195
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